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We're all about the ribs! Meet the 2023 Ribbers

Big shoutout to all you awesome Ribbers who rocked the 2023 Penticton Rotary Ribfest! You guys totally brought the sizzle! We're already counting down the days till we see you again in 2024 at the one and only Skaha Lake Park. Get ready for another finger-lickin' good time! Can't wait!

Prairie Smoke & Spice

Prairie Smoke & Spice is the home of genuine pit-smoked BBQ catering in Southern Saskatchewan. What started with a sample of real barbeque in Texas in 2002 has turned into a consuming passion to produce the best, most authentic ‘Q available in the Canada. This dream is now a reality as Prairie Smoke & Spice has won many awards on the competition circuit, including the World Champion title in Chef’s Choice at the Jack Daniels World Championships, and the Canadian National BBQ Championships in Whistler, B.C.

Our meats are slow-cooked over a hardwood fire, producing top-quality Southern-style barbeque. They are rubbed ahead of time with a special blend of spices, mixed to enhance the flavor of the meat without overpowering it. This spice rub, once cooked in this environment for long periods of time, produces a succulent crust that is unique to this method of cooking. This slow-smoking method of cooking results in meat that is flavorful, juicy, and very tender.

Boss Hog’s

Boss Hog’s is a London-based company that provides comprehensive food services for those that enjoy the best in authentic barbeque.

You are welcome to visit our restaurant in London, Ontario for a great sit-down meal but we can also bring delicious chicken and ribs to your home or event through our catering services. Most notably, we compete annually in Ribfests across the country with our three tractor-trailer stands. After winning more awards than any other barbeque company in the past few years, we’re considered to be the pride of the Canadian Ribfest Tour.

With “Taste the Smokin’ Difference” being our team’s motto, it is our utmost goal to provide our patrons with the ultimate barbeque experience. Season after season we become even more successful through consistency, atmosphere and a customer service that is next-to-none.

People continually ask what our secret is and it’s actually pretty simple: the Rub, the Love and the God above!!!

Gator BBQ

Gator BBQ was formed in 1983 by a gentleman from Naples Florida by the name of Don Brown (a.k.a. the King of Ribs).

Don was also the manager of Michelbobs Rib House in Naples Florida. In 1983 Don started to tour in Canada and the US winning numerous awards. Don later sold Gator BBQ to Larry Kimball who managed the business until 2001.

Larry then sold the business to Larry Murphy of Alabama so he could concentrate on his restaurant in Flint Michigan. In 2006 Matthew and Louise Smith acquired Gator BBQ and haven’t looked back. It is now family-run business with children Kurt, Nick, Aaron and Alexis all contributing to its success.

We now tour Ontario and the Northern U.S. States doing upwards of 30 ribfests a year. 

Misty Mountain

Established in 2014 in Hinton, Alberta, Misty Mountain BBQ has taken to the road, attending fairs, festivals and exhibitions across western Canada. They are heading our way and the word is they are ready to take on the competition and the crowds with their bold smoky sauce slathered on mouth-watering smoked ribs.

Smoke Dem Bones BBQ was formed over a passion of cooking good food. The art of cooking food low and slow is as rewarding as well as relaxing. It allows one to slow down and take time out from our busy lives and concentrate on one thing and forget about the rest. The end result is fantastic food with peace of mind. 

Smoke Dem Bones soon discovered the thrill of competing in BBQ competition as well as the hospitality and camaraderie that the competitive BBQ teams on the circuit shared with us. Cooking in competition is not an easy task and it definitely makes you work hard to develop your skills beyond traditional cooking. To be able to win awards amongst the best of the best is truly a satisfying experience. It takes a certain type of individual that is willing to stay up all night long tending to a fire so that they can create the most amazing barbecue and then go through the rigors of timing and preparation to win a ribbon with it. Most people are not willing to do that, but we are! 

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